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About Satterfields' Auto Tech

Satterfield's Garage, a family owned and operated automotive repair center, has been in business since August 1975.  Two brothers, Farris and James, and their father, Sanford, founded the business, later bringing in their younger brother, Mike.  In the beginning, the Garage was only 5 bays, and then was expanded to 8 bays and finally 10 bays.  In 2000 Satterfield's Garage formally became Satterfields' Auto Tech, LLC and relocated to accommodate its growing business with a 16 bay facility.  Sanford and Farris and have since retired, but still are associated with the business whether to take a customer home or engage in conversation.

Satterfields' was the first AC Delco TSS in this area and strives to maintain a friendly relationship with customers by opening early and closing late.  Hours are  usually 7 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, but Mike and James are available at 24/7 to answer questions regarding vehicle repairs, schedule a early drop off or a late pickup, or to make arrangements to have a vehicle towed to the facility.

Also, if you are in or out of state or you have a child in college that needs our help, we are here! Come by & pick up our card with additional numbers for emergencies.

Remember, you are never alone with Satterfields'

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