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While traveling home to Kentucky after spending a wonderful week-end in Birmingham celebrating the 25th year anniversary of EWTN, my daughter and I encountered car trouble at the Exit 360 ramp of I-65 in Decatur Sunday night, August 13th.

After enduring a harrowing 2 hr. wait for help, we were joined by Officer Rance Sutherlin of the Decatur Police Dept. He was so kind and reassuring and waited in the dark with us until Pro-Tech Wrecker Service operator Pul Roberts arrived.  Roberts was wonderful.  He took us to a motel, waited until we were safely in our room and told us to call at 8 am Monday moring and he would take the car and us to the Service Center.

When our tow arrived Monday morning, Roberts had already contacted the Service Center and James Satterfield was waiting for us. He made us feel so welcome and greeted us with coffee and a technician ready to diagnose the problem with our car.  His father drove us to breakfast and James tended our dog.  Upon completion of the work, his kind wife picked us up and took us back to Satterfields' Service Center to get our car.

How proud Decatur must be be to have such kind and helpful residents as Officer Sutherlin, Paul Roberts, and the Satterfield family!  We left Decatur feeling truly blest to haved had the privilege to experience the warm hospitality of Decatur.

Before closing, I do wank to thank an unknown trucker who stayed parked comfortably behind our car, reassuring us by flasing his lights occasionally until help arrived.  We do no know who he was, but do want to say "Thank you". 

After spending a special week-end in Birmingham, the warmth of Decatur was the blessing we received.  Thanks so much to you and yours.  God bless!

-- Mary Haydon and Mary Beth Wood

Thank you all so much for your help, kindmess, and hospitality on Monday when our car conked out.  To have ended our wonderful vacation with a broken car could have been a disaster.  Instead, we met some wonderful people and have yet another great meory of our trip. Sincerest appreciation from us and the dogs.

-- Kim and Warren Tormey

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